G630 Agriculture Drone

Our G-Series Agricultural versatile sprayer drone is built to carry higher payloads of either liquid or granular pesticides for powerful spraying of all types of crops. It comes standard with a 30L liquid tank and an optional 40L granule tank.

EFT G Series agriculture drone

Cross-folding structure

The arm adopts both a cross-folding and staggered folding method, which minimizes the folded size and facilitates transfer and transportation.

Integral Frame

The main frame is integrally constructed, resulting in a structure that is strong, durable, and reliable. It provides the guaranteed protection for all the electronic parts including flight controller, GPS, power modules and so on.

The G Series drone main frame is integrally constructed
The frame is dustproof with an IP65 waterproof level.

Dustproof And Waterproof

The frame is dustproof with an IP65 waterproof level. This indicates that the drone can be washed directly with water. Therefore, operators are able to abort the mission when the weather changed without damaging the drones.

The G Series drone is powered by the Tattu-branded line of batteries.

Easy Battery Management

The G Series agriculture drone is powered by the Tattu-branded line of batteries. With the battery placement location on top of the drone, you can now replace the battery with ease. Velcro is a thing of the past! Quick attach-detach Molex connectors are also available for Tattu 3.0 batteries.

Two types of application are offered for G Series drone setup

Multipurpose Application

The spreading and spraying drone systems can be interchanged quickly by replacing the tank to meet the operational requirements of the respective scenarios. The maximum capacity of the liquid tank is 30L and 40L for the granule tank.


Tech Specs

G Series Agriculture Drone



Hobbywing X9 Plus


36 inch



Supply Voltage


Maximum Take-off Weight

62.2 kg


2028 mm

Opening size

2692 * 2619 * 885 mm

Folding size

1192 * 623 * 885 mm

Tank capacity

30 L

Frame Weight

11.5 kg

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