We are a group of technologists

who believe that UAS, or commonly known as drones, will be a vital tool to help promote growth in various industries.

What makes us

We at Alphaswift Industries position ourselves at a new angle, providing services beyond the scope of many other companies - Specialized UAS design and modification. We retrofit and modify drones produced by other brands to achieve optimum performance or to complete any other specialized task.

We understand

Alphaswift Industries stands out by providing a differentiated service; We can work on improving your existing drones or designing an entirely new UAS that fits our customer's needs.


To transition humanity from ground to air mobility.


We are disrupting the transport industry by building a safer, more affordable, and more sustainable way of advanced air mobility.


Agriculture sprayer drones


Launch! We started by building and selling agriculture sprayer drones. This propelled our research on larger payload drones. We sold a heavy lift cargo drone and won a grant.

Like the space program, we always start by delivering things. We tested our heavy-lift cargo drone offshore. We completed the NTIS drone delivery sandbox test. We will continue to improve our safety for urban deliveries in the future.

Connect the oil rigs together


Delivering medical supplies and samples


We will build and sell drones certified to ship vaccines, blood, organs and other biohazards. We will also develop high endurance hydrogen powered eVTOL aircraft.

We are ready to face the ultimate challenge; build and sell AI powered, fully autonomous eVTOLs to carry passengers. The transition from ground to air mobility begins now!

Fully autonomous eVTOL


Small scale production of eVTOL

Our first eVTOL product will be higher in price, and we will commence small-scale manufacturing. Our customers will use our eVTOLs for essential travel. We will expedite R&D to drive down the costs of the next version.

We will begin mass production, leveraging economies of scale for the budget of the masses & allowing flights for fun. We will adopt vertical integration by developing in-house propulsion systems and avionics.

Mass production of eVTOL
Vertiport concept

Vertiports with energy generation and storage will be developed to support our air mobility ecosystem. With the right framework in place, we can upscale our eVTOL technology.

We strive for the world to adopt self-flying electric aircraft as the main mode of transportation. We aim to stay below 1.5°C of global warming and cut emissions as much as possible. Don't change the world!

Protect the earth and reduce the carbon emission

Meet the team


Dr. Shian Lee is CEO of Alphaswift Industries

Dr. Shian Lee

Since young, Dr. Lee was fascinated by the science and technology that allows flight. He pursued an education background in aviation and earned a Doctorate in Aerospace Engineering. He is one of the pioneers who studies the control of UAVs and has worked on projects funded by the Department of Defense. Dr. Lee has worked on many interesting topics, such as Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), flight simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Multiagent Systems (Swarming), and battery technology.

Currently, Dr. Lee is deeply involved in the development of electrical flight. He believes that the future of air transportation will have to be greener, and electric power is the right direction for this mission. With more than 10 years of experience working with UAS under his belt and also a clear vision for the future of flight, Dr. Lee is set to change the course of aviation technology for the better.


Albert Chan is COO of Alphaswift Industries

Albert Chan

Albert is an optimistic believer in technology and aims to change lives for the better. He has been involved in the UAV industry for more than 5 years. Albert has the aptitude to design and build a new UAS from scratch, with his multidisciplinary knowledge which involves electrical and power engineering, circuitry design, CAD modeling, programming, and mechanical design.

Albert has worked on multiple UAS projects, including multicopters, fixed-wings, and fixed-wing VTOL. He has the knowledge and experience of managing the design, development, manufacturing, operation, and maintenance of UAS with the highest efficiency. Albert is determined to push the limits of UAS technology and bring this new technology to the world.


Edward Lim

Edward Lim is CMO of Alphaswift Industries

Edward is passionate about graphic design and enjoys sculpting all the raw materials into perfect visuals. He has more than 5 years of graphic design experience. Edward transforms his artistic imagination into different forms of materials for marketing. He is currently beginning to broaden his involvement, including website design, user interface, animation. Throughout his tenure as a professional front-end designer and developer, Edward has worked on many websites and User Interface designs.

Other than graphic design, Edward begins to focus on digital marketing and plans to publicly reveal all the artwork. He has two years of experience in SEO, online ads, and analytics to improve the company's presence on any social media site. Edward aims to combine both artwork and marketing strategies with experienced design and marketing skills to provide the best user experience.