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Autel Robotics Dragonfish Series, distributed by Alphaswift Industries in Malaysia

Smart. Simple. Efficient.

The Dragonfish's unique tilt-rotor design simplifies operation while maximizing performance and efficiency. With no complicated moving parts, the Dragonfish is modular, waterproof, smart, and reliable. The Dragonfish is mission ready right out of the box and includes powerful AI tracking capabilities and a multitude of modular payload options. An endurance of up to 158 minutes (including payload) further augments the Dragonfish's robust mission capabilities and pushes it significantly ahead of the competition.

Autel Robotics Dragonfish Series, distributed by Alphaswift Industries in Malaysia

158 minutes

Longest flight time with load

3 minutes

Quick assembly

4K 50x

Highest optical zoom


Max speed

18.6 miles

Transmission range


System boot and self check

Endurance With Payload

The Dragonfish series includes three models: the Dragonfish Lite, Dragonfish Standard, and Dragonfish Pro. With a flight time of 81 minutes, 126 minutes, and 158 minutes respectively while carrying a payload, each model can greatly improve work efficiency.

Dragonfish Pro

Autel Robotics Dragonfish endurance logo

158 min

Dragonfish Standard

Autel Robotics Dragonfish endurance logo

126 min

Dragonfish Lite

Autel Robotics Dragonfish endurance logo

81 min

Safety and Redundancy

Autel Robotics Dragonfish Rendering


Autel Robotics Dragonfish flight logic background



Transition Distance
Min - 300 ft

Landing Transition Distance
Min - 300 ft
Aircraft descend before transitioning.

Take off Transition Altitude
*AGL from take-off location.
Please set altitude to clear obstacles.

Landing Transition Altitude
*AGL from landing location.
Please set altitude to clear obstacles.

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Intelligence And Autonomy

Simplify mission tasks with the Dragonfish's wide array of automated functions

Using Autel's advanced flight control technology and intelligent AI, the Dragonfish can tackle even the most complex operations.

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One-Click Takeoff / Landing

Dragonfish - one click takeoff/ landing
Autel Robotics Dragonfish comes with ADS-B receiver

ADS-B Receiver

Millimeter-wave radar is built into the nose of Dragonfish, which can detect obstacles up to 200 meters away. The aircraft automatically adjusts its height and speed based on the collected flight data, giving Dragonfish excellent obstacle avoidance performance.

RTK Accuracy

Map with confidence with the Dragonfish's two RTK (Real-Time Kinetic) modules, which enable the aircraft to provide centimeter-accurate location data when paired with a GNSS base station. The dual units back up each other's data for additional peace of mind, while also improving image metadata quality and increasing flight precision and safety.

Autel Robotics Dragonfish comes with RTK modules to increase the accuracy of positioning

Interchangeable Payload System

Tackle any operation with a variety of payload options that can be tool-lessly swapped to suit mission needs. Dragonfish payloads are designed to be interchangeable between aircraft classes to maximize the value and enhance the mission capability of the system.

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Max. Flight Time Graph for Dragonfish Series with Payload

Autel Robotics Dragonfish's flight time comparison

The Dragonfish Pro with L50T payload can achieve 50x optical zoom and 240x hybrid zoom. Details are clearly visible even when observing targets 2 km away. Operators do not need to go to the site, which not only improves work efficiency, but also ensures the safety of personnel and flight equipment. Efficiently empower energy inspection, emergency rescue, public security and other industry applications.

Zoom level


Autel Ground Control Station

With an ultra-bright touchscreen of 1,000 nits, the Autel Ground Control Station is twice as bright as the average smartphone, making the 9.7-inch screen easy to see under direct sunlight.

9.7 inches

TFT-LCD capacitive touchscreen

18.6 miles

Image transmission distance


Ultra HD resolution

4.5 hours

Battery life

Samsung EXYNOS

Eight-core processor

*18.6 miles is the image transmission distance when the base station is used. If there is no base station, the image transmission distance is 6.2 miles.

Autel Ground Control Station
Autel Ground Control Station

One Device. Any Mission.

Incredibly powerful yet simple to use, Autel Voyager is the one-stop solution for every mission. Designed specifically for the Dragonfish, the software provides advanced mission planning, intelligent tracking, flight history tracking, and other autonomous features.

Mission Planning

Waypoint missions, polygon missions, and rectangular missions can be planned offsite prior to mission and started with a single click to begin autonomous flight. The pilot can regain control at any time during the mission for emergency maneuvers or custom flight path planning.

Tap to Fly

Select a target on the camera and the Dragonfish will automatically fly to the selected location and orbit the subject.

Mission Management

Monitor past missions and assign flights.

Quick Mission

Set points of interest on the flight map during any part of the mission and the Dragonfish automatically will deviate from its original path plan to pursue the pilot's needs.

Autel Robotics Dragonfish can be assembled easily

Compact And Portable

With its innovative quick-release design and a speedy self-check, the Dragonfish can be in the air and mission ready within 5 minutes.

Easy assembly

The Dragonfish can be easily disassembled by a single person and fits into the trunk of any average-sized car. The entire system can be assembled without tools and ready to fly in less than 5 minutes.

Ready to fly in 5 seconds

The whole system self checks in 5 seconds and is ready to fly in 5 minutes.

Quick release blade

Quick-release blade design makes assembly simple and convenient.

Safety Mechanisms

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Why choose Autel Dragonfish

Less training needed

Less training needed

No need for launchers, slingshots, throwing, parachutes.

East to fly

Easy to fly

Take off anywhere, anytime.

East to transport

Easy to transport

Dragonfish fits in the back of any car/SUV.



Unlike helicopters or other aerial solutions, there's no need for costly maintenance activities, like oil changes.

Low noise

Low noise

The electric motor is much quieter than a fuel engine, making it perfect for high-altitude reconnaissance.

Tilt rotor design

Tilt rotor design

Switch from quadcopter mode to fixed-wing flight at the touch of a button.

Tech Specs





Dimensions (L*W*H)

965*1600*350 mm

Supported Payloads

Z2, T3, T3H, M1


4.5 kg (w/ 2 batteries, w/o gimbal)

0.75 kg (Single battery weight)

5.5 kg (Max takeoff weight)

Operating Frequency

902-928 MHz

2.4000-2.4835 GHz

5.725-5.755 GHz

EIRP (Equivalent radiated power)

900MHz FCC: < 30 dBm

2.4 GHz FCC: < 30 dBm, SRRC/CE/MIC: < 20 dBm

5.8 GHz, SRRC/FCC: < 22 dBm, CE: < 14 dBm

Vertical Hovering Accuracy (P-mode with GPS)

±0.1 m(Vision System enabled)

±0.5 m(GPS enabled)

±0.1 m(RTK enabled)

Horizontal Hovering Accuracy (P-mode with GPS)

±0.3 m(Vision System enabled)

±1.5 m(GPS enabled)

±0.1 m(RTK enabled)

RTK Positioning Accuracy

When RTK enabled and fixed:

1 cm + 1 ppm (Horizontal)

1.5 cm + 1 ppm (Vertical)

Fixed Wing:

3 cm + 1 ppm (Horizontal)

3 cm + 1 ppm (Vertical)

Max Angular Velocity

Pitch: 180°/s

Yaw: 60°/s

Max Angle

Pitch: 20°

Roll: 35°

Max Ascent Speed

Vertical Flight Mode: 4 m/s

Fixed Wing Mode: 5 m/s

Max Descent Speed (vertical)

Vertical Flight Mode: 3 m/s

Fixed Wing Mode: 5 m/s

Flight Speed

0m/s ~ 17m/s (Multi-rotor)

17m/s ~ 30m/s (Fixed Wing)

50m/s (Max)

Service Ceiling Above Sea Level


Max Wind Resistance

Fixed Wing Mode: 15 m/s

Vertical Flight Mode: 12 m/s

Max Flight Time

81 min

Max Payload

1.0 kg

Supported Gimbal Configurations

Fast Disassembly

Ingress Protection Rating



GPS + GLONASS + BeiDou + Galileo

Operating Temperature

-20°C ~ 50°C

Single Battery

Energy: 174 Wh

Charging Time: 120 min

Battery Temperature

Recommended: 22°C ~ 28°C

Charging: 15°C ~ 40°C

Operating: -20°C ~ 40°C

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