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What is a drone?

What kind of services do you provide?

What kind of drone/UAV do you modify?

Do we have to provide a payload of our own for modification service?

Do you offer other options other than quadcopter/hexacopter?

What kind of upgrade could be made for our current UAV?

Can we use our own sprayer system on your UAV?

Can we use our own UAV with your sprayer?

How long is the flight time of your hexacopter?

Is it possible to get a higher flow rate for the sprayer system?

Does the charger charge all the batteries sequentially or simultaneously?

Do you sell the Android tablet for the standard remote?

What is the difference between a standard battery and a professional battery?

What is the operational cost of the spraying drone?

What is included in the drone solution framework?

How long is the warranty valid and what does it cover?

Do you provide the service and maintenance of the drones purchased from Alphaswift?

Do you have the user manual for G-Series Drone?